Hepatitis A, B & C

Report certain cases of viral hepatitis.

To report, call the reporting line.

Reporting Form

  • Within 24 hours—acute hepatitis A, B or E.
  • Within 3 days—hepatitis C (acute), hepatitis D (acute or chronic) and pregnant women who test positive for hepatitis B surface antigen.
  • Monthly—newly diagnosed chronic hepatitis B or C.

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Hepatitis C

Testing and Vaccination

Hepatitis B

Hep C: From Test to Cure card.
Customizable wallet card for patients with information on testing, status, treatment, and prevention.

Customizable wallet cards for patients [Adapted from Philadelphia Department of Public Health]

Print Wallet Cards


Notify us of a pregnant woman with positive hepatitis C results or the birth of an exposed infant. To report, call reporting line.


Resources and Links

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